Marvel Strike Force’s Unscrupulous Business Tactics (Part 2)

The Combative Nerds Podcast

Dec 31 2022 • 28 mins

Viewer discretion is advised.  Full length episode with Knot  & Raiderlance.  Recorded on December 20, 2022.

This is part two of the episode with our special guest Knot. We continued discussing all the different ways Marvel Strike Force (a.k.a. Scopely) screws the player base with intentionality.  From the Scourges, to the Apocalypse Event, to Arena, to Cosmic Crucible, there is something for everyone to complain about.

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00:00 – How the Alliance WeaponX – Exodus Got Its Name

03:23 – Knot’s Rise to Power in WeaponX

07:15 – Scopely’s Insidious Method of Using Alliances for Peer Pressure to Spend Money

09:24 – The Financial Costs to Play Marvel Strike Force Competitively is Insane

13:56 – Scopely is Quick to Fix Bugs, Mistakes, & Offers That Hurts Them

17:27 – Lack of Developer Communication Stems from Dev Teams Being Siloed

19:09 – Players Are the Quality Control for Marvel Strike Force

21:05 – Raider Quit Marvel Strike Force Because of His Poor Reading Comprehension

22:54 – The Whole Apocalypse Event is F.U.B.A.R. & a Horseman Counter is Incoming

26:06 – Arena vs. Grand Arena vs. Cosmic Crucible

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