Rejection: How to Pick Yourself Back Up w/ Jonny Manganello aka Jonnycakes (Best of Unleash)

Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

Oct 11 2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Hi Creative Cutie! I am currently in Sicily with my parents--reconnecting with our roots and having a massive family reunion with the LoGrasso side. Can you believe my parents are both Sicilian and have never been there? Anyway, I am introducing my Dad to his first cousins for the very FIRST time after I met them (for the first time) last summer. Please follow along for this beautiful journey on Socials and enjoy the re-air of this powerful episode on rejection. This conversation came on the heels of putting out my first single. At the time, I was feeling a bit crestfallen that the song didn't have the wide reception I so craved. Since then, I have really had to rework my motivation. At this point, I was entirely outwardly motivated, making the rejection utterly brutal. Now, in 2023, I would still love recognition, but I now realize I have to give it to myself first. I sing because it is who I am. I hope to be recognized, but I will sing either way. This is the creative's journey to wholeness, I think. Always evolving. Anyway, if you're in a moment of rejection, I hope this helps you feel less alone. LOVE YOU!

Original Episode Description (<<--WOW I used to write in 3rd Person - SO SERIOUS😂):

Today’s show is all about…you guessed it…rejection. In this raw, open and brutally honest episode, Lauren discusses a recent barrage of creative disappointment, betrayal and rejection. It has certainly been a “creative crossroads moment”. She is joined by her BFF & friend of the show, Jonny Manganello to talk through what happened, how she is managing the emotions that come along with the no’s and tactics to pick yourself back up when it feels like all the doors are closing around you. The show is a mix of laughter, tears and heartfelt advice that will help you feel less alone. You’ll even hear a little guest appearance by Lauren’s Mom, Jo Ann, who gives a hilarious (and highly biased) take on what Lauren should say to those who have rejected her!

From this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • How to pick yourself back up after creative heartbreak
  • Why it’s important to take time to acknowledge your accomplishments
  • The importance of setting deadlines
  • Tips to get unblocked, creatively
  • Why having an accountability buddy can help (and why you might need to be your own buddy)
  • Tips to deal with your judgmental family at Thanksgiving
  • How to know when it’s time to ask for help
  • Plus, you’ll  even a hear a heated debate on which breakfast foods are best, and so much more!

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