The MOST Creative Story: She Taught Her Dog to 'Talk' & Wrote a Book About It w/ Alexis Devine aka @WhatAboutBunny

Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

Nov 15 2023 • 48 mins

This week on Unleash, you'll hear from artist, author and internet sensation, Alexis Devine, who shares her journey of teaching her dog, Bunny, to communicate via the use of talking buttons. The unique approach to pet communication garnered Alexis viral fame on TikTok, with her page 'whataboutbunny'. We delve into Alexis' book, 'I Am Bunny', that details her experiences and revelations about herself and her creativity through teaching Bunny. The conversation also touches on the interesting overlap of creativity and science, Alexis' autism diagnosis, navigating life's unexpected turns, and cultivating patience during the creative process.


00:04 Introduction and Guest Introduction

02:38 Interview begins

03:02 Alexis's Artistic Journey/Life before Bunny

06:02 Impact of the Pandemic and Bunny's Arrival

06:16 Teaching Bunny to Communicate

07:58 Alexis's Unexpected Internet Fame

08:21 Reflections on Alexis's Artistic Career

09:46 Transitioning to a New Creative Path

19:24 The Role of Empathy in Communication

22:37 Advice for Teaching Dogs to Communicate.

26:37 The Journey to Writing a Book

27:26 The Process of Writing and Overcoming Challenge

29:01 Releasing the Book and Dealing with Vulnerability

30:12 Sharing Personal Trauma in the Book

31:47 Balancing Light and Deep Moments in the Book

39:34 The Intersection of Art and Science

41:19 Participation in a Canine Cognition Study

42:30 Discovering Autism diagnosis Through Bunny & repairing childhood hurts

46:07 Reflecting on the Journey with Bunny

47:37 Closing Remarks and Gratitude