Critical Mass Business Talk Show: Ric Franzi Interviews Cleve Adams, Founder of Trestles Group, Inc. (Episode 1434)

Critical Mass Business Talk Show | Orange County‘s Longest-Running Business Talk Show | Hosted by Ric Franzi

Jun 7 2023 • 23 mins

Cleve Adams is Founder of the Trestles Group, Inc. His specialty is building and selling tech companies and has had 8 M&A Exits. Cleve has been fortunate enough to be named one of the Top 50 Non-Technical Founders In Tech Industry History, and to be Co-Founder and CEO of the #2 Company in Forbes's Most Promising Companies in America. He is also featured in the new Bestselling books "Cyberminds" and "Right Leaders, Right Time."

Cleve is a 5-time award-winning VC/PE-backed Transactional CEO managing companies from pre-revenue to over $2 billion and has been hired by VC/PE firms to build and sell their portfolio companies. Cleve's average return to investors is 21x. He helped start, build and manage the largest company in the SaaS/Cloud cybersecurity software market from pre-revenue to a $1.0B IPO, the largest in San Diego county history and the first Cybersecurity Unicorn.

Cleve has over 20+ years of senior management, operations, sales and marketing experience in Security software, AI, Mobile, Wireless, SaaS/Cloud, Mobile security, digital and social media and Fintech. He has built a successful sales and marketing channel of 1100 resellers and distributors in 82 countries. Cleve has expertise in raising capital and has raised over $300M from tier-one VC’s for multiple companies.

Cleve led the team that started security titan Websense and grew them from pre-revenue to a $1 Billion IPO in less than 3 years. The company was subsequently sold to Raytheon for $2 billion. Cleve has been honored to serve as a software industry expert and speaker at numerous conferences, universities and corporations including the Harvard Alumni Assoc, Amazon, Investor Conferences, Cyber Security and Smart City Conferences. He has been quoted in top business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and many more.


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