Critical Mass Coast to Coast Radio Show March 27, 2014 Jason Fair and Dominick Alongi

Critical Mass Business Talk Show | Orange County‘s Longest-Running Business Talk Show | Hosted by Ric Franzi

Mar 28 2014 • 49 mins

Jason Fair, Chief Executive Officer at Genesis Consulting, having just stepped off a plane from Romania at a NATO conference to join our program, discussed how his background in SAP technologies is helping his clients of middle market companies. Jason talks about how many CEO's and business leaders of middle market companies are reluctant to use SAP technologies for fear of the unknown, but in the end, says it will become a great asset to creating effective business strategies and solutions.  President of Pest Shield Pest Control Dominick Alongi, joined our show from Texas to talk about his firm has become innovators in the pest control industry through the company's principle of practicing excellent customer service. Dominick shares with us some of the ups and downs of the pest control industry and how he continues to run a successful business.