Critical Mass Business Talk Show: Ric Franzi Interviews Steve Delson, Co-Founder & CEO of Gate 5 (Episode 1426)

Critical Mass Business Talk Show | Orange County‘s Longest-Running Business Talk Show | Hosted by Ric Franzi

May 3 2023 • 22 mins

Steve Delson is a co-founder and CEO of Gate 5, a 12-year-old Orange County, California-based startup that has developed infrastructure that fights climate change with a scalable, innovative and sustainable process that transforms sewage sludge and other organic waste materials into 100% safe, usable, and marketable products, including clean water and surplus renewable energy.

Gate 5 Infrastructure is self-powered using the energy it produces, rather than grid electricity or fossil fuel. Being a thermal process Gate 5 Infrastructure will destroy contaminants of concern (like microplastics and pharmaceuticals) that survive traditional wastewater management, and our process reduces methane to 1/600th of today's treatment plants, while eliminating biosolids (treated sludge) that needs to be hauled away and land-managed. Gate 5 has recently received a $1.6 million grant from the California Energy Commission that combined with funding from Gate 5 investors will fund installation and operation of a Gate 5 demonstration plant at Santa Margarita Water District’s Chiquita Water Reclamation Plant in southern Orange County.


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