Get a Team That Helps You Grow with Seamus Ruiz-Earle


Feb 8 2022 • 26 mins

On this episode of Foundations, Seamus Ruiz-Earle joins the show to share his unconventional entrepreneurial drive that has seen him achieve success at a very young age. From wanting to be a banker at first, to learning that his true passions lie in consulting, Seamus talks about the pivotal moments that led the way to the creation of Carabiner Group and the team effort it took to experience their current massive growth.

About Seamus Ruiz-Earle

Seamus is CEO of Carabiner Group. He is a graduate of BA History, Economics from Boston College with departmental honors. He was an honors thesis graduate and finalist for the Dean's Scholar Award.

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On this episode of the Foundations podcast, Seamus shares how career advice on following his passions eventually led to the creation of Carabiner Group. It was not a straight path but his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to found his company which is currently growing exponentially. He also discusses taking a Rev Ops approach to business and the mindset of being specialists in many different things.

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