A Natural Human’s Guide To Business And Life with Brian Goldsack


May 25 2022 • 35 mins

In this episode of the Foundations podcast, Chris talks to financial advisor and podcaster Brian Goldsack on how to become a "natural human" in business and in life. Chris and Brian's conversation revolves around whether you are already living the life that you really want, or if you are needlessly postponing it in an effort to keep up with external pressures.

If you find that you need to prioritize business activities that don't align with the life that you really want, if you feel the need to compromise on your values just to achieve your goals, or if the goals you've set for the time being don't even truly align with your vision, then maybe, it's time to reassess the kind of decisions that you've been making.

About Brian Goldsack

Brian Goldsack is a financial advisor and podcaster. Together with Christopher Sykes, Brian co-hosts the Success Fundamentals podcast, which attempts to shed light on the very essence of success by talking to people from all walks of life who have achieved success in their respective fields.

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About Christopher Decker

Chris is the CEO co-founder of Salescast, a provider of revenue-first podcasts for entrepreneurs and sales leaders. Along with his co-founder Collin Mitchell, Chris helps business leaders and entrepreneurs find an audience and generate unlimited demand.

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