Building A Positive Feedback Culture Within Your Organization with Vitor Soares


Apr 14 2022 • 23 mins

On this episode of Foundations, Chris talks to Vitor Soares, CEO of Tap My Back, an employee engagement software company. Every business owner knows that it’s more expensive to hire talent than it is to keep good ones. On a more human level, we all crave for affirmation; we want to be seen and understood. As the CEOs of their respective companies, Vitor and Chris talk about creating an atmosphere of positive feedback, and the value of praising in public and giving constructive criticism in private.

About Vitor Soares

Vitor Soares is the CEO of Tap My Back,  a company that helps management engage employees by integrating in popular virtual communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Tap My Back simplifies the feedback process to improve morale, communication, retention, and productivity.

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About Christopher Decker

Chris is the CEO co-founder of Salescast, a provider of revenue-first podcasts for entrepreneurs and sales leaders. Along with his co-founder Collin Mitchell, Chris helps business leaders and entrepreneurs find an audience and generate unlimited demand.

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