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The Secret about The Secret…
Oct 6 2023
The Secret about The Secret…
Today we honor the life of Elisabeth “Beth” Misner, a gifted woman and lover of life, who left the earth October 29, 2020. We are replaying one of the Leading Conversations episodes Beth did with us, to honor the spirited legacy she leaves. Beth’s accomplishments are a testament to her commitment to life-long learning and giving of herself. Beth’s character and the joy that she inspired in others demonstrated her belief that everyone mattered. She chose her values and lived into them personally and professionally. Beth was who she was - on purpose. Life wasn’t always perfect, and Beth met the challenges with her open heart and fierce determination. As her husband, Ivan Misner, has shared, “the world is a little less perfect without her in it.” From the Leading Conversations archives: Cheryl Esposito welcomes Christian author, speaker, and ordained minister Beth Misner. Beth is founder and current director of the Journey Center of Claremont, a Christ-based center for spirituality, healing & wholeness. She is Corporate Vice Chair of BNI (Business Network International), & Co-Founder of BNI Foundation. Beth’s approach to spirituality invites conversation to explore, rather than divide with dogma. She was inspired to write her book, Jesus and the Secret: Where the Word of God and the Law of Attraction Intersect, when she saw that the Bible teaches some of the same principles as the law of attraction. This did not come without controversy as many Christian authors and experts differed in their perspectives. Having grown up in a conservative religious family, it was expected Beth would become a pastor’s wife. That all changed as she experienced the world and carved her own path. Join Cheryl Esposito and Beth Misner for a conversation on the evolution of spirituality.