Powerful Quantum Sound Therapy audios and insights with Helena Reilly

Your Divine Uniqueness - The Podcast

Feb 21 2022 • 1 hr 29 mins

Helena Reilly, M.A. is a pioneer and expert in the use of sound frequencies and scalar vortex technology to effect profound transformation.

In this episode, Helena shares insights on Quantum Sound and how it can Cleanse, Reset and Reimprint on a cellular level, and realign you into perfection as a powerful creator, empowering yourself and others. You will also experience 5 of Helena’s powerful Quantum Sound Therapy audios.

You’ll learn:

  • What’s happening during the current planetary shift, in relation to Earth and Humanity
  • How do we move to the new timeline, where we not only survive but thrive in these times of great change
  • How the subconscious is formed and how it influences us
  • Dropping our loyalty to the subconscious patterns and shifting to a new frequency bandwidth
  • Cancellation of victimhood
  • The time to pivot radically on a global level and generate a new reality
  • Quantum sound and the cancellation of the discordance from 5G, global hysteria, …
  • 5 Quantum Hacks To Harmonize & Inspire your Genius… (works for adults and children)

You will also experience there powerful Quantum Sound Therapy audios:

  • Deep Clearing
  • Quantum Genius
  • Soul Alignment
  • Vitality & Wellbeing
  • Heart Opening

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After completing her graduate work at the University of Chicago, she searched the world for impactful modalities. In India she discovered the ancient secret that entrainment with sound frequencies facilitated shifts in brainwave states that banished fear, anger and sadness. In 2002 Helena left her NYC private practice to join Robert Lloy full time. Since that time they applied this knowledge to co-create the Miracle and the Focus iQubes. These are designed to clear you and your environment of energies that are not resonant with awakening. They also developed software based on voice assessment to find and harmonize your personal frequency.