Ep 75, Part 1: What Could The COVID Virus, PsyOp, And Jab Be? I Don’t Know. But, In 2018, Two Military Mad Scientists Explain The Technology Our Government Owns.

The Dustin Gold Standard

Oct 31 2022 • 38 mins

In Episode 75 of "The Dustin Gold Standard," Dustin combines intelligence from several past shows to weave together government owned technology that could have played a part in “Covid Land The High School Theater Production.” Folks have been talking about what the purpose of the COVID virus, psychological operation, and jab/booster could be. As Dustin says, we will never know the whole truth, but we can look to what the government admits to. We already now that the World Economic Forum, and technocratic transhumanists like Peter Thiel, embrace COVID as “The Great Reset.” Now let’s take a look at the technology the military admits to having in their control. Remember, the government does not love you. Join the discussion and get the ad-free video version of this podcast: Paine.TV/gold Follow Dustin on Twitter: Twitter.com/dustingoldshow and Twitter.com/hackableanimal Get involved with the Telegram discussion: https://t.me/dustingoldshow Join in on live audio conversations: https://wisdom.app/dustingoldshow Ask a question and get a 60-second answer from me: https://wisdom.app/dustingoldshow/ask Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices