Divorce and Child Custody Discussion with Attorney Brian A. Victor

Brian A. Victor, Esq.

San Diego divorce and child custody lawyer, Brian A. Victor discusses in these podcasts important topics related to divorce and child custody to help those involved in these situations. Brian A. Victor is the only divorce lawyer in San Diego County with prior work experience at Family Court Services where, for more than eleven years, he worked with the most challenging child custody and visitation matters and crafted more than 4,000 child custody recommendations for Family Court judges. Attorney Brian A. Victor has been named one of the 25 Best San Diego Divorce Lawyers in 2018 by Expertise.com and has been named a Super Lawyers Rising Star from 2015-2018.

Difficulties of Communication During High Conflict Co-parentingDivorce and Custody Trends for 2022
In this podcast episode, San Diego divorce and child custody attorney, Brian A. Victor discusses 2021 a year in review and trends in family law that could continue through 2022.Listen to Attorney Brian A. Victor as he provides insight into how the Pandemic has affected the court system and how it is taking longer for courts to resolve divorce matters. He also talks about modifying parenting plans have also taken longer and the negative affects this can have on children. Mediation is also discussed as a good way to have a divorce and child custody matter heard quicker by a professional and allows the parties to decide how their divorce and parenting plan can be resolved. Attorney Victor provides insight to the process of mediation continuing throughout 2022.Attorney Brian A. Victor has experience both in the field of psychology as well as in divorce and child custody in San Diego. He worked at Family Court Services in San Diego for more than 11 years where he created and recommended to family court judges parenting plans for parents unable to reach agreement on a child custody plan.Divorce and Child Custody Discussion with Attorney Brian A. Victor was named one of the Top 15 Child Custody Podcasts You Must Follow by Feedspot.Remember to subscribe to Attorney Victor’s podcast on iTunes and Google Podcasts so as not to miss any important discussions regarding divorce and child custody.    The information provided in this podcast is to inform rather than to provide legal advice and nothing in this podcast creates an attorney client relationship.
Jan 4 2022
5 mins
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