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Let's talk about Reiki and its spiritual roots: Buddhism (especially Zen Buddhism), Japanese Shinto, and Taoism.

Reiki Places in Japan: Kyoto & Kurama
Oct 22 2021
Reiki Places in Japan: Kyoto & Kurama
In this episode, Jordi talks about Kyoto and Kurama, the birthplace of Reiki. He shares some of his favorite spots in Kyoto, and he gives some valuable tips for future Reiki travelers who want to go to Japan. He also names what he considers the most interesting places to visit in Kyoto for having a real and spiritual immersion to the Japanese culture and spirituality; and he offers a deep and genuine description of Kurama yama (mountain) and Kurama dera (temple) where Usui Sensei achieved Satori and founded the Reiki school.If you are a Reiki practitioner this podcast will take you closer to the Reiki origins; and if you plan to visit Japan, it will give you some valuable tips. Below you will find some of the places and restaurants that Jordi mentions in the podcast:- Gion district & Higashiyama (popular and traditional districts in Kyoto)- Yasaka shrine (Shinto sanctuary in Gion)- Maruyama Park (park in Gion)- Kiyomizu dera (a very old Buddhist temple in Kyoto)- Chion-in temple (headquarters of the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism)- Okazaki Park (park in Kyoto)- Café Rokujian (coffee place next to Okazaki Park)- Studio Bindu (Yoga studio next to Okazaki Park)- Nishio Yatsuhashi no Sato  (restaurant next to Okazaki Park)- Shunkoin Temple  (Buddhist temple where you can practice Zen meditation)- Arashiyama (beautiful area next to Kyoto with a bamboo grove)- Yodofu Sagano (tofu restaurant in Arashiyama)- Fushimi Inari (sacred mountain and sanctuary in Kyoto)- Demachiyanagi (metro station where you take the train to Kurama)- Eizan line (metro line that goes to Kurama)- Kibune (beautiful village next to Kurama)- Kurama Onsen (Spa-Hotel in Kurama)..... @jordiibernSupport the show (