Hayden Padalino: The Fundamentals of Infinite Banking

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Feb 14 2023 • 46 mins

Ever since I learned about the Infinite Banking Concept, I've been trying to inform as many people as possible about it.

No matter what your financial situation is, every single person can benefit from this concept.

I spoke with Hayden Padalino, an Authorized IBC Practitioner from Ontario, Canada. My goal was to touch on the fundamentals of the Infinite Banking Concept, and hopefully encourage people to look into it further.

Some topics of discussion include:

- How your money is not in your control if it's in the bank
- How to use IBC during tax time
- Alternatives to RRSP contributions
- Why whole life policies are a safe way to store your money
- How to access money from your policy
- Practical ways to use your policy in every day life

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