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Triple Finale

Oct 10 2022 • 35 mins

Triple Finale™
• Flash Fiction / Short Stories; with Triple endings
• Earn extra money creating short stories.
• Your stories don’t have to be perfect, just fun!

This story is a hybrid and falls into both the ROMANCE and the SUSPENSE categories.

Our main character, Rosie tries her hand at online dating.  This high-tech way of finding love has its shortcomings, which can be frightening at times.  We ride along with Rosie as she plunges into a fast-paced rollercoaster of love, trust, and safety.  How will the story end?  You decide!  Select one fascinating ending or all three.  Enjoy the show!


Caribbean Catfish was Co-Created by Andrea Mitchell-Khan (Andrea developed the story vision and Co-Created the story plot) and Walter Cuevas (Walter Co-Created story plot and wrote the story).  Caribbean Catfish was edited by Andrea Mitchell-Khan.
Caribbean Catfish was Narrated by Wes Malik.
Caribbean Catfish was produced by Micme Podcast Production Company.

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