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32. Legal Mythbusters w/Reb Masel
Sep 12 2022
32. Legal Mythbusters w/Reb Masel
Attorney & content creator Reb Masel is here to talk everything from misconceptions about the woman who sued McDonalds over her coffee to the OJ Simpson trial and why the unfortunate legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson changed the legal system forever.   9:12 – Welcome Reb Masel! 24:42 – What's the deal with getting sued for things said online & when you're allowed to give out legal advice 30:46 – Reframing our thinking about people with criminal records  34:23 – Legal myths intro: McDonald's coffee case and why we got it all wrong 48:18 – Real life legal cases are much wilder than in TV/movies 52:46 – OJ Simpson trial: Nicole Brown, hearsay and how this case shifted our culture and legal system 1:11:54 – Living through major historical events & Canada is shitty too    Patreon This week: A Closer Look at Jameela Jamil out Wednesday, September 14th 10% of monthly proceeds go to non-profit Homeboy Industries   Follow Reb Masel: @Rebmasel on TikTok Resources: 1. More information on Stella Liebeck and Liebeck v. McDonald's:    2. The Nicole-Brown Simpson Hearsay Exception, passed by the CA Legislature on April 18, 1996:   3. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic and/or intimate partner violence:  US: Canada:     Follow Emily Rose: @itsbecomeawholething on Instagram @itsbecomeawholething on Tiktok   Book Astrology Readings: 30 Minute Astrology Reading 60 Minute Astrology Reading