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Muhammad Abid Ullah

“There is no health without healthcare and there is no health with proper healthcare marketing” Abi Cool - CEO of Marketing Wind. This healthcare marketing podcast is hosted by Abi Cool - CEO of Marketing Wind (You as a healthcare companies help patients with HEALTH and patients help you with their WEALTH, whereas we at Marketing Wind help both of you with HEALTH and WEALTH. Our podcast will help you keep yourself updated about the latest trends in the healthcare marketing including marketing for clinics, hospitals, mental health clinics, addiction treatment centers, fitness spas, laboratories, and much more! read less

First-Party Data in Healthcare - The future of healthcare marketing!
Dec 14 2022
First-Party Data in Healthcare - The future of healthcare marketing! TRANSCRIPT:Cookies, cookies, cookies. Wherever you go, everyone wants cookies. Before you get snacky, I’d like to give you a heads-up! The cookies I’m referring to, come without any chocolate or cream and they probably cost you a lot more than any cookies you’ve ever eaten! Yes! I am talking about the cookies that contain your data and are only delightful for business websites & advertisers.  😅Think about this, If I ask you about the biggest online retail business, what name comes to your mind?Amazon!(And I bet) you’d be just as busy, successful & rich if your clients came knocking at your door just as they do theirs! Now, what exactly does Amazon have that you don’t?🤔Well, Amazon does so well because it uses first-party data & is incredibly rich with traffic. Listen, what’s dire here is to understand that no matter what industry you belong to, the future of marketing solely depends on the said cookies, data & traffic! What is first-party data, and how it is the future of healthcare marketing, well you better hold your water & sit tight because that’s something we’re going to discuss in today’s episode & it's not something you wanna miss! 😼For the record, I am  Abi Cool, CEO of Marketing Wind Healthcare, and today we’re going to dig deep into the science behind consumer data, its relation with healthcare marketing, and its role in your healthcare business's survival in the near future. Before we get caught up in this labyrinth of data, I’d like to welcome our new listeners to Marketing wind’s second podcast.We are a digital marketing agency that helps healthcare businesses stay on top of their game (whether or not they join hands with us!)Yep, that’s right! Just spreading positivity & information! 😅Read More at :