Ep. 106-  Enmeshment and Being “Too Close” with Dr. Chris Fahrenbach

Lost or Found

Jul 7 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Today we discuss Enmeshment based on Jennette McCurdy’s bestselling book I’m Glad My Mom Died.  What can happen when perhaps...you’re too close.

When you think of childhood emotional trauma, one might think of neglect, but the opposite, being “too” close can lead to enmeshment trauma.  A child can become the “parentified child”, where the child takes on caring for the parent’s emotional needs, such that their parents’ lives center around theirs, they are their parent’s best friend, their parent’s self worth is hinged on their child’s success, and they are guilted when they want less contact.

And enmeshment trauma can manifest as being afraid of conflict, difficulty in relationships, low self-esteem while deeply relying on approval of parents, and lack of self identity such that they do everything to keep others happy and “please” them.  Does this sound like anyone you know?  Unfortunately, I wonder if this is more common than not.

And who better to discuss this with, than our favorite clinical psychologist Dr. Chris Fahrenbach.  She’s been on the show in the past, and I just LOVE her.

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