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The Clientele Podcast is a brand new series devoted to the beloved British indie band The Clientele, launched to coincide with the release of the band's superb new album I Am Not There Anymore. Over the course of the series, host Robin Allender (Your Own Personal Beatles, The Moon Under Water) will interview the band about their history and influences, and will also speak to fans of the band about what makes the music of The Clientele so uniquely evocative and beautiful.

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Episode 10: Alasdair on Songwriting
Oct 2 2023
Episode 10: Alasdair on Songwriting
In the final episode of The Clientele Podcast, host Robin Allender talks to singer and guitarist Alasdair MacLean again, this time focussing on songwriting. It's a chance for Alasdair to look back at the early days of the band and talk about learning to play the guitar and write music. It's a very Beatles-heavy episode, but Robin and Alasdair also talk about Madness, Boards of Canada, Burial and Subway Sect, and many other musicians who helped Alasdair to develop and expand his songwriting. There is also some chat about music theory, particularly relating to chord progressions, and the idea of songwriting being a combination of technical understanding and instinct.Also, what connects The Clientele and The Great British Bake Off? Have a listen to find out!For more Beatles chat, here's Alasdair on Your Own Personal Beatles: other songs and albums that are mentioned in this episode...Red Deer by Tom James Scott: Cloud of Unknowing by James Blackshaw: Brickworks by Bibio: here (I don't know why I write these in the third person): Just wanted to say thank you so much for listening to this podcast series, and thanks to The Clientele for asking me to make it! Thanks also to Johnny White, Dave Collingwood, Max Tundra and Ruth Tebby for their help and support. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Episode  7: Anwen Crawford
Sep 11 2023
Episode 7: Anwen Crawford
This week on The Clientele Podcast, Robin Allender is joined by the Australian author and critic Anwen Crawford. Alongside the music of The Clientele, they discuss Sinéad O'Connor, Broadcast, Burial, the 00s blogosphere – and cricket. Anwen has recently published No Document, an extraordinary book, fragmentary, part memoir and part elegy; and Robin and Anwen talk about its similarities to The Clientele's new album, I Am Not There Anymore.Anwen's website:'s recent blogpost, which mentions The Violet Hour (and the podcast!):'s review of Music for the Age of Miracles: episode which discusses No Document in the introduction: Hour Theory People: Mark Fisher and the blogosphere: Penman on The Beatles: extract from T. H. White's The Sword in the Stone, which I (Robin) was struggling to remember!One Thursday afternoon the boys were doing their archery as usual. There were two straw targets fifty yards apart, and when they had shot their arrows at one, they had only to go to it, collect them, and shoot back at the other, after facing about. It was still the loveliest summer weather, and there had been chicken for dinner, so that Merlyn had gone off to the edge of their shooting-ground and sat down under a tree. What with the warmth and the chicken and the cream he had poured over his pudding and the continual repassing of the boys and the tock of the arrows in the targets—which was as sleepy to listen to as the noise of a lawn-mower or of a village cricket match – and what with the dance of the egg-shaped sunspots between the leaves of his tree, the aged man was soon fast asleep. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Episode 4: Alasdair's Lyrics
Aug 21 2023
Episode 4: Alasdair's Lyrics
This week on The Clientele Podcast, Robin Allender talks to singer and guitarist Alasdair MacLean about his lyrics and literary influences. They discuss Alasdair's brilliant collection of lyrics, Exhaust Fumes, Magnolias and Light, and the spoken word Clientele songs ‘Losing Haringey’, ‘The Green Man’ and ‘The Museum of Fog’.In the episode, Alasdair mentions The Clientele beer, which is called Conjuring Summer In and is brewed by Ocelot Brewing Company: S. Someone on Twitter jokingly asked for a reading list for a previous episode so I thought I’d make a note of all the books mentioned in this episode!Jealousy, Alain Robbe-GrilletGradiva, Wilhelm JensenUlysses, James JoyceThe Waste Land, T. S. EliotExhaust Fumes, Magnolias and Light, Alasdair MacLean‘Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge’, Jorge Luis BorgesThe Dark is Rising, Susan CooperThe Owl Service, Alan GarnerAstercote, Penelope LivelyThe Mabinogion The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. TolkienThe Good Apprentice, Iris MurdochRed Shift, Alan GarnerCreate Dangerously, Albert Camus‘Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote’, Jorge Luis BorgesScarp, Nick Papadimitrou‘Axolotl’, Julio CortazarThe Dedalus Book of Surrealism: The Identity of ThingsThe Hand of Fatima, Georges LimbourNadja, André BretonParis Peasant, Louis AragonLast Nights of Paris, Philippe Soupault‘Free Union’, André BretonA Cornish Childhood, A. L. RowseThe poetry of Joë Bousquet, Robert Desnos and Paul Éluard Hosted on Acast. See for more information.