THE STORY OF SAKKA - Dhammapada Verses 206-208

Sutta Meditation Series

May 14 2021 • 22 mins

Welcome back to the Sutta Meditation Series Podcast.

In today's session we look at Dhammapada Verses 206-208 and THE STORY OF SAKKA, KING OF THE DEVAS, and how he came to personally attend to the Buddha when he became sick.

The Buddha later tells the story of what led Sakka in his previous life to realise the fruit of Stream Entry.  In this saying of the Buddha, he encourages associating with good and wise people and steering clear of foolish people as a factor leading towards entering the stream.

The verses in Pali:

Sāhu dassanamariyānaṁ, sannivāso sadā sukho; Adassanena bālānaṁ, niccameva sukhī siyā.
Bālasaṅgatacārī hi,  dīghamaddhāna socati; Dukkho bālehi saṁvāso, amitteneva sabbadā;
Dhīro ca sukhasaṁvāso, ñātīnaṁva samāgamo. Tasmā hi—
Dhīrañca paññañca bahussutañca, Dhorayhasīlaṁ vatavantamariyaṁ;
Taṁ tādisaṁ sappurisaṁ sumedhaṁ, Bhajetha nakkhattapathaṁva candimā.

Other suttas that are mentioned directly or indirectly in this talk:

  • - Dutiyasāriputta Sutta (SN 55.5)
  • - Sikkhāpada Sutta (AN 4.201)
  • - Assaddha Sutta (AN 4.202)
  • - Sattakamma Sutta (AN 4.203)
  • - Dasakamma Sutta (AN 4.204)
  • - Aṭṭhaṅgika Sutta (AN 4.205)
  • - Dasamagga Sutta (AN 4.206)
  • - Paṭhamaasappurisa Sutta (SN 45.25)
  • - Sappurisa Sutta (MN 113)
  • - Sappurisānisaṁsa Sutta (AN 4.242)
  • - Sappurisadāna Sutta (AN 8.37)

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