Celebrating Lab Week: Looking at the Past to Plan for the Future

Lab Medicine Rounds

Apr 22 2022 • 21 mins


00:00 Intro

01:30 Why is it important for us to look at our past when planning for our future?

05:37 Sometimes people struggle with celebrating and I think also, maybe some people get nervous about that--taking time to celebrate accomplishments that have been. What’s your take on that?

07:01 What are one or two aspects of pathology and lab medicine’s past that you are thinking about celebrating this year?

11:56 How do you see these aspects that you’re celebrating in forming kind of the future projections of success in our field?

14:18 Do you have thoughts for how we might approach this as a healthcare system--attracting bright students into medical laboratory science?

17:22 Is there something that we’ve done that we shouldn’t continue, that we need to change and discontinue--a certain process or way that our laboratory works?

20:57 Outro