The Laboratory’s Role in Health and Equity

Lab Medicine Rounds

Mar 4 2022 • 20 mins


00:00 Intro

01:23 Why is health equity important for laboratory medicine and pathology?

03:13 What are we learning about how as a laboratory we may better advocate for health equity?

05:27 What’s the nuance there that we need to grapple with, not just more testing but better testing?

08:30 Are there examples of how we can do this better from other professions that we can learn from?

09:59 Is that something that you feel with your previous experience as a hematopathologist has prepared you for or are these additional skills you’ve picked up along the way?

12:10 What are two or three ways that we are trying to navigate this for increasing health care equity?

14:36 What kind of feedback can a pathologist provide that helps them build a better test?

20:20 What does the future of health equity look like, what does that laboratory support of health equity look like in the coming years?

21:27 Outro


The COVID pandemic: Testing and disparities:

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