The Importance of Interprofessional Education

Lab Medicine Rounds

Jan 21 2022 • 21 mins


00:00 Intro

01:05 From your perspective, why is interprofessional education an important for us clinicians, lab medicine colleagues, and students?

04:18 What are a few of those key lessons that you’ve learned about how to do this interprofessional education?

07:15 How do you think we make it a meaningful experience for the students?

10:37 What sort of approach do you take to feedback, to get that feedback that’s really going to help you meaningfully iterate in a positive way?

13:47 Do you have any advice for people out there who have difficulty with the less frequent, yet important things, how can we still keep forward movement on those?

15:52 Do you have any broad thoughts about how social media may, or may not, have a role in interprofessional education?

19:28 What would be a good call to action, next step for listeners to look at in the next couple of weeks?

23:03 Outro