Monkeypox: A Laboratory Medicine Perspective

Lab Medicine Rounds

Oct 7 2022 • 13 mins


0:00 Intro

00:45 Can you start us off by giving an overview of this latest outbreak of Monkeypox? And also if you could contrast that against Covid-19?

03:25 What do you think this increase means for our hospital laboratories?

05:44 How can we provide the greatest value to our clinical colleagues and to our patients?

08:17 I know we sometimes do culture a virus and look at viruses. Is it that testing that some of us have in our laboratories that’s not specific enough, it looks like other viruses, is that why we have other tests that we’re using?

10:00 Do you think that Monkeypox would be similar to Covid-19 where we have home test kits for the virus?

12:21 Outro