Revisit Culture and Representation

World Language Classroom

Aug 7 2023 • 4 mins

This is episode 4 in my 2023 summer headspace series. This is a chance to revisit episodes from the previous school year during the summer months when you may have a little extra time. Beginning August 28th, you will see new episodes with exciting new topics every Monday.  For today we take a look back at episodes 78 where Allison Perryman talks about seeing, hearing and tasting culture and episode 88 where Kia D. London discusses representation in the language classroom.  Let’s jump in.

  • Allison Perryman (78): formats for presenting and engaging students in diverse cultural experiences
  • Allison’s approach of seeing, tasting and hearing diverse cultures with students
  • Kia D. London (88):  examples of centering representation and diverse racial and ethnic content from Kia’s classroom and curriculum
  • how to do this consistently while also engaging students authentically


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