Episode 216.5 - Make Room for Anger

The Halo Halo Podcast

Jun 8 2020 • 23 mins

Expressing anger is key to taking any action against an injustice.  However, not everyone is comfortable with anger and its various forms of expression.  Some of us, when faced with listening to anger, want to run away from it.  While others want to contain it.  And even others will deny that any anger should be heard.  However, when we don't make space for anger, we don't really hear the injustice that needs to be heard.  In this second episode of a four-part collection on social justice, your co-hosts discuss why it's so hard to listen to anger, how anger is typically expressed and dealt with in the Filipino culture (i.e., tampo), and why it's important to validate and be a witness to one's anger.  Listeners, get ready to make room.