Givers Gain with Andy Langsam

Sell Them With Kindness

Jul 1 2022 • 57 mins

This is a very special episode for me because I get to interview one of my oldest and best friends. To know Andy Langsam is to love his fun-loving nature and mischievous laugh. Those who know him, though, understand that he has the biggest heart of anyone. He will drop what he is doing in order to help anyone. There are countless stories of Andy doing this and if you know him personally, no doubt you have some stories of your own.

Today, Andy and I talk about how he built a marketing empire over the past 19 years that started in his college dormroom at American University in Washington, DC. His story is remarkable for many reasons.

Andy embodies a kind leader and also has incredibly high standards in his organization. Check out this episode to learn more about how he created a culture full of laughter and how they give to gain.

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