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Welcome to the Walk It Out podcast with Carolyn Sinclair McCalla and Paula Gooden, where we welcome the woman in need of a home, make her a true friend, and prepare a place where she can feast on what is true food-the Word of God. The Walk It Out Podcast is made available by EarthBasic, a non-profit equipping women and children to seek, live and be transformed-spirit, soul, and body-by the truth of God's Word. EarthBasic serves the Be-Held Woman. The woman young and old; new and seasoned to the faith; who is seeking to sink deeper into the Father's love and grow through the study of and obedience to God's Word. Welcome friend. Let's eat. read less
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God's Design for Women
Oct 21 2021
God's Design for Women
Welcome to our first episode of Walk It Out! We are so glad you're here. In our first episode we explore the topic of God's Design for Women. We seek truth to answer the questions: What is God's purpose in making us?How do our unique attributes as individual women play into God's design for our lives? Our guest Catherine Radlein generously shares her own journey in uncovering God's design for her life to support us all in uncovering it in our own lives. Catherine Radlein is a gifted entrepreneur, leader, coach, motivator and mobilizer of the body of Christ. Catherine has been a fervent believer of Jesus Christ for over 30 years and like everyone else she has faced her own share of challenges, but through this the Lord hasdeveloped in her a deep compassion to see others come into wholeness. She is dedicated to building the Kingdom of God by exercising her passion to see people trained, equipped, and released into their callings and fulfilling their destiny in Jesus Christ. Catherine launched Beauty for Ashes Ministries in 2005 which discipled women bringing them into freedom and moulding them to be poised for God to use them in every sphere of influence. BFA Ministries is currently widening its scope to establish an Apostolic Hub which would equip and train both men and women in the body of Christ to build and advance the Kingdom of God in our nation and region. Catherine carries the anointing of a Prophet, having been trained at Christian International, Santa Rosa, Florida and commissioned by Global Spheres International in Corinth, Texas. She remains involved in training other prophets to become equipped, activated and fully functioning in the body of Christ. Catherine and her husband David are healing and deliverance ministers of Restoring the Foundations (RTF) and are instrumental in establishing a Healing House network of RTF ministers in Jamaica. Together they have two adult daughters, Breanna and Rachel.