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Episode 40 - Pyromania 40th Anniversary Celebration - Part One
Jan 20 2023
Episode 40 - Pyromania 40th Anniversary Celebration - Part One
Host, Neil Poole, is joined by regular contributors Curt Taft and Paul Burns to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the classic Def Leppard album, Pyromania. Clown fighting, drinking with soldiers and Billy, and a track by track review of side one - this episode has it all! Also joining Neil, is Michael Citro from 'Michaels Record Collection' podcast to discuss what it was like to be in the USA in 1983 when Def Leppard and Pyromania exploded onto the scene. *Check out Curt's excellent blog: TurnToDust86 **Check out Michael's Record Collection podcast and episode 38 in particular - Michael's own Pyromania episode, featuring Neil as guest - at: Podcast | Michael Likes to Write ( ***Support Def Lep Pod at  ****Check out Def Lep Pod on YouTube at: *****Check out Def Lep Pod's Spotify playlists at: ******Def Lep Pod is on most social platforms. Come and talk to us and get involved. We're particularly excited about our new Def Lep Pod Community server on DISCORD. We hope everyone will join our community and in the future this can be our one-stop-shop for all things Def Lep Pod. Click on this link and join us: ...we can work out how to use it together!! *** Twitter: Def Lep Pod Def Lep Pod 🎧🎙 (@DefLepPod) / Twitter     Facebook: Def Lep Pod Neil | Facebook      Instagram: Def Lep Pod Neil (@defleppodneil) • Instagram photos and videos --- Send in a voice message: