New Moon in Leo August 16, 2023: Romance; Extravagance; Healing Gifts; Your Authentic Voice; the Inner Child

Matthew John's Moon Astrology Updates

Aug 16 2023 • 38 mins

Intuitive Astrologer & Spiritual Teacher Matthew John describes what you need to know about the August 16, 2023 New Moon in Leo. This astrology podcast is focused on giving you the tools to navigate the current energies in the best possible way, and to create healing and transformation ion your life :) Topics discussed include: - The meaning of the sign of Leo - Why it's a great time to express our uniqueness - Why it's a romantic time - Why people are overspending - Why it's a great time to get things done - Why you should be working on your healing gifts now - Why this is the time to find your 'authentic voice' - How to connect with the Inner Child - ...and MUCH MORE! 0:00 Overview 3:14 Feeling Romantic 4:34 Spending Extravagantly 5:08 Getting Things Done 7:00 Healing Gifts Emerging 13:14 Your Authentic Voice 24:22 Honoring the Inner Child 32:11 Maui Fires 34:51 Tarot Course & Ascending as One