What keeps you up at night?

Aug 28 2023 • 1 min

What goes on in the heads of leaders faced with the world's major challenges? What keeps them up at night? How do they fall asleep when they have so much responsibility? How do they get to sleep when there is so much at stake? What gives them insomnia?

International leaders and decision makers are invited into the studios of the Sciences Po School of Journalism. We believe that students will be able to hear their voice and be inspired now and in the future.

The interview is led by students from the Journalism and International Affairs programme at Sciences Po's School of Journalism and PSIA Sciences Po, with the coordination of professional journalists and teachers.

What keeps you up at night? is a podcast based on an original idea by Alice Antheaume.

Production: Louie Média.

Journalists: Marie Naudascher and Marine Séhan.

Student journalists: Morgane Anneix, Lola Lopez Lungo, Michal Kubala et Sarah Miansoni.

Music: Théo Boulenger.

Illustration:  Marine Coutroutsios.

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