I Think Not!

I Think Not!

From murder, to crooked cops to tax evasion and scams, the world of true crime TV is full of stuff that makes us scream “I Think Not!” If you liked the smash hit comedy podcast "Obsessed with Disappeared," you’ll love this new show from co-hosts and best friends Ellyn Marsh & Joey Taranto. Join Ellyn, Joey – and all the characters that live inside their gorgeous heads – for true stories and the campy television that covers them. Get ready to laugh, cry and think about true crime in a whole new way. read less

Our Editor's Take

The I Think Not! podcast is all about true crime TV shows. Ellyn Marsh and Joey Taranto cohost the series. They bring an energetic approach to crime television. These best friends and co-creators of Obsessed With Disappeared host this podcast. These entertaining true crime fans continue to share their opinions on crime. This podcast brings a bold and animated spirit to true crime-obsessed listeners. It turns a serious topic into an easygoing and funny conversation between BFFs. The hosts take crime television and react to this ridiculous and insane world.

The I Think Not! podcast has messages from each week's sponsors that seamlessly flow with the rest of the episode. The hosts discuss popular TV shows like City Confidential and Dead Man Walking. They comment on how love kills by reviewing Dates From Hell and Deadly Wives. Episodes like "Beth's Last Party" from See No Evil give a chance for the two women to riff. The hosts describe various stories from these shows and provide their own dramatizations. The episodes cut between their hilarious conversations and documentary-style explanation of each situation. They comment on the show Stalked: Someone's Watching, bringing levity to tough subjects. This podcast also promotes other podcasts like Crimes of the Centuries.

This true crime comedy podcast finds a way to laugh at ridiculous situations in these tales. It features popular crimes like The Wonderland Murders. Often, finding humor in difficult situations is a healthy way to process. Ellyn and Joey offer their personal opinions and exasperated reactions to these stories.

I Think Not! comments on terrifying stalkers and strangers. The hosts react to the ludicrous actions of people involved in many true crime events. They yell about the overly trusting nature of many people and the weird details of these affairs. Between story breakdowns and TV sound bites, their true crime commentary is refreshing. It creates a space with vexed reactions and cross-examinations. New episodes drop each week.

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