Kivi Leroux Miller - Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Create Good

Apr 5 2022 • 19 mins

Kivi Leroux Miller is the Founder and CEO of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, where she is the lead trainer for hundreds of nonprofit communicators and 32 participants in the Communications Director Mentoring Program each year. She is a popular and trusted keynote, workshop, and webinar presenter. Kivi is also the award-winning author of three books on nonprofit marketing and communications.

Because she can’t get enough of nonprofits and entrepreneurship for good, Kivi also co-leads a Girl Scout troop and is president of the Lexington Farmers Market Association in Lexington, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and six cats, five of whom walked into the yard and never left. She also co-founded Grow and Go Girls, a small bakery where all net profits go into a travel fund for a group of small-town girls to travel the big world, including one of her daughters.


About Create Good


The Create Good podcast is a conversation with change makers and rabble-rousers to find out what makes them tick and how they create good. We created the podcast because we were missing the connections and community that came from conferences and gatherings. Our goal is to share some awesome nonprofit folks with the community. Subscribe to follow along.


Create Good started as a conference, the first one was in 2017, to gather nonprofit communications leaders creating breakthrough work and share them in a fun and inspiring space. Like everyone else, we had to pivot due to the pandemic. We moved the conference online and this year we are pivoting again to a series of webinars and podcast. We are hoping to return to our in-person conference in 2023. Visit the site to see past sessions and sign up for the newsletter to find out when we will meet in person again at the next Create Good Conference.


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