Lex Amore - Biomimicry Institute

Create Good

Jul 26 2022 • 29 mins

About Lex:

Lex Amore combines her background in biomimicry and communications to serve as a connective tissue between humans and the natural world. She works with media, organizations, brands, and influencers to enhance advocacy and engagement for nature-inspired design. Lex also guides the communications strategy for the Institute to further biomimicry education and application across industries and audiences. She has advocated for sustainability thought leaders for the past decade, bringing expertise in writing and strategic communications to each project aimed at making a positive impact on the world. Lex achieved her Master of Science degree in Biomimicry from Arizona State University in 2018 and bachelor’s degree in journalism from Georgia State University. She has also received extensive training from the Climate Reality Leadership Program, LEED, and in sustainable design by working with a multitude of industry leaders across the globe. Her ultimate mission is to inspire others with actionable, positive movement forward using nature-inspired innovation and community collaboration.



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About Create Good


The Create Good podcast is a conversation with change makers and rabble-rousers to find out what makes them tick and how they create good. We created the podcast because we were missing the connections and community that came from conferences and gatherings. Our goal is to share some awesome nonprofit folks with the community. Subscribe to follow along.


Create Good started as a conference, the first one was in 2017, to gather nonprofit communications leaders creating breakthrough work and share them in a fun and inspiring space. Like everyone else, we had to pivot due to the pandemic. We moved the conference online and this year we are pivoting again to a series of webinars and podcast. We are hoping to return to our in-person conference in 2023. Visit the site to see past sessions and sign up for the newsletter to find out when we will meet in person again at the next Create Good Conference.



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