RONA SIDDIQUI Part 3 - Gawd D*mmit.

For Fuck's Sake "4FS_Podcast"

Oct 25 2020 • 1 hr 25 mins

Award Winning NYC Composer & Lyricist Rona Siddiqui ignites the conversation as our October Guest Co-Host with Show Host Aaron Salazar as we put our anxieties on the shelf with the pending election and move our focus to theatre and art for this episode. Rona talks about her new Podcast coming soon and her current position at BerkleeNYC, and we bring it home with our thoughts on imposter syndrome and how to work through the fears that come with being an artist. This skims the surface of this candid conversation in Episode 15. Learn more about the artists on Instagram @4FS_Podcast ...alright, here we go!