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On the Hello Church! podcast, powered by Ministry Pass, Justin Trapp, Wade Bearden, David Crowson, and Mike Hernandez share the lessons they have learned, and are still learning, about sermon series, preaching, and how pastors can move their church forward while still maintaining a healthy ministry/life balance. Tune in every Wednesday for a new episode on Hello Church! Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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Top Resources for Small Churches
May 10 2023
Top Resources for Small Churches
Are you tired of feeling like you're barely keeping your head above water in ministry? Do you wish you had access to practical tools and resources that could help you manage your ministry more efficiently?If so, you won't want to miss today’s episode where we'll be sharing some of our favorite resources for small churches. From powerful software to time-saving hacks, we've got you covered. Tune in now and learn how you can not only survive but thrive in your ministry. Links mentioned in this episode:Ministry Pass: Provides pastors with access to a library of sermon series and resources.Download Youth Ministry: Offers ready-made resources for youth pastors, including games, lessons, and event ideas.Sermonary: This software assists pastors with sermon writing and organization, allowing them to easily build and store their sermons in one place.Right Now Media: A platform that provides a vast library of Bible studies, teaching videos, and other Christian content.ProPresenter: Presentation software designed for churches that enables pastors to display lyrics, videos, and other media during services.B2Sign.com, UPrinting.com, NextDayFlyers, and GotPrint.com: Online printing services that offer affordable printing options for creating flyers, banners, and brochures.Canva Pro: A graphic design website that allows pastors to create eye-catching graphics and promotional materials with ease.Social media and Google My Business Listing: These tools can help churches reach a wider audience by improving their online presence and visibility.Text in Church: A tool that enables pastors to communicate with their congregation via text message.MailChimp and Constant Contact: Email marketing platforms that allow pastors to send newsletters, event invitations, and other communications to their congregation.Google Forms: This free tool is useful for creating surveys and forms to gather feedback, input, and sign-ups from church members.FrontDoor: An all-in-one digital ministry solution that combines a content library, page builder, and follow-up tool to help you build trust with people in your community before they even step foot in your church.Planning Center: A church management software that helps pastors with scheduling, volunteer management, and other administrative tasks.Church Metrics: This website provides free tools and resources for churches to track and analyze their data, including attendance, giving, and outreach.Tithly: This online giving platform helps churches collect and manage donations securely and efficiently.This episode of the Hello Church podcast provides valuable insights and recommendations for pastors of smaller churches who are looking for practical tools and resources to help them in their ministry. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the Hello Church podcast today, so you never miss an episode!Watch & Subscribe on YouTube
Leading Through Change for Small Church Pastors
Apr 19 2023
Leading Through Change for Small Church Pastors
Change can be a powerful tool for growth and revitalization in a church, but it can also be a source of conflict and division if not handled well. As pastors of smaller congregations, you face unique challenges when it comes to making changes. Change is inevitable, and pastors and leaders must learn to embrace it. The truth is… healthy things grow, and if a church is going to grow, it will inevitably have to go through changes. This entire episode is devoted to helping you avoid the pitfalls that come with making changes in a smaller church, and giving you practical tips to approach it in a healthy and effective way. We’ll also be discussing the eight-stage process for leading change:1. Develop the vision and strategy for what the change will look like.2. Establish a sense of urgency by painting the stakes of not making the change.3. Create a guiding coalition by getting a team of people on board with the change.4. Communicate the change to everyone involved.5. Empower the leaders to be a part of the action plan.6. Generate wins along the way to show progress and momentum.7. Celebrate the wins to reinforce the change and encourage continued progress.8. Anchor the change so that it becomes a part of the culture and doesn't require constant effort to maintain.Our goal is to equip you to lead change well in your church, so that you can serve your community and see your church grow in a positive way.We want to see you lead change well in your church. So, make sure to subscribe to the Hello Church podcast today! We think this season will equip you to grow your church and serve your community well.Watch & Subscribe on YouTube
Meet the new hosts for season 4 of the Hello Church! podcast!
Apr 12 2023
Meet the new hosts for season 4 of the Hello Church! podcast!
Welcome to season four of the Hello Church! podcast, hosted by David Crowson and Mike Hernandez, two pastors excited to guide other pastors of smaller churches through the unique challenges facing congregations of 200 or less.This season of the Hello Church! podcast will be focusing on congregations with 200 members or less, and offer valuable insights and advice based on David and Mike’s experiences in church planting, youth ministry, and church revitalization.David, a worship leader at a church plant, brings his lifelong ministry experience and creative arts background to the table. Mike, a lead pastor at a revitalized local church, shares about his journey from youth ministry to serving in a megachurch, and finally, revitalizing a church that was on the brink of closing.The theme of season four of the Hello Church! podcast, "Healthy Things Grow," revolves around the idea that growth comes from nurturing healthy leadership, culture, family, and finances. Over the course of 10 episodes, David and Mike explore various aspects of church growth including leading through change, fostering growth, and building a thriving church community.The mission of this season of Hello Church! is to empower and encourage pastors of smaller churches. Join David and Mike on a journey to strengthen and grow your church through their insightful conversations and practical guidance. Subscribe to season four of the Hello Church podcast today and never miss an episode!Watch & Subscribe on YouTube