Preach A Compelling Easter Sunday Message

Hello Church!

Apr 5 2022 • 15 mins

Easter Sunday is the most important Sunday of the year as we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. There will be so many people at church: new people, unchurched people, relatives of attenders, people who haven't attended in a while, and your church family. There's a lot happening on Easter.

There are several things to consider while working through your Easter message. Keep it short and simple, just focus on the resurrection. Put a lot of effort into your message before that weekend and be sure you've internalized it. Give as much thought to getting your guests to come back as you did to your message. Plan the following Sunday's message or new sermon series, use a promo video to invite people back, and talk about it at the end of your Easter message. The next Sunday's service should be similar to your Easter message: clean, consistent in sermon length, and have the same type of music set.

In this episode of Hello Church! we examine the significance of the Easter Sunday sermon and how to craft it, and the importance of your next sermon series as you are inviting your Easter visitors to come back to learn more about Jesus and be part of your community.