Welcoming First Time Guests Into Your Service

Hello Church!

Jan 24 2023 • 20 mins

Every week churches welcome new guests on campus. Some are new believers, and some are just new to that particular church. Either way, their first-time experience is critical in their decision to return and engage with your church community. In this episode of Hello Church! we will be discussing ways to increase the number of first-time guests that become regular attenders.

Creating a positive first-time experience begins before visitors ever step foot on your campus. Is your church intentional in its digital evangelism strategy? It starts with ensuring your website and social media platforms are current and accurate, especially with service times! But, we will discuss additional ways to help set guests up for success.

Once guests make the decision to visit your church, what will their experience be like? We'll share what every church should consider through the lens of a new visitor. From the moment guests pull into the parking lot to the follow-up communication after they leave, how can churches be intentional in creating a welcoming experience at every step?