10 ICONIC Lessons of 2020

The ICONIC Mindset

Dec 30 2020 • 55 mins

10 ICONIC Lessons of 2020
Episode #10

Without a doubt 2020 has been a year of unsuspected turns and sudden surprises. This year has been draining, overwhelming and exhausting, uncertain and worrisome. But, on the flip side of the coin, this tumultuous year has also been an exciting, full of growth and learning opportunities, and plenty of adrenaline to survive on.

To close out the year and in commemoration of our 10th podcast episode, John and Calvin have put together a list of 10 ICONIC Lessons of 2020. And a special thanks to our listeners for their continued support and listenership. You’re all unequivocally ICONIC!

  • 0:01:18 - Intro: Thank you, Listeners!
  • 0:04:41 - Lesson #10: Trust Your Team
  • 0:08:02 - Lesson #9: Leaders Emerge During Turbulent Times
  • 0:12:57 - Lesson #8: Lead with Empathy
  • 0:17:55 - Lesson #7: The Illusion of Control
  • 0:21:52 - Lesson #6: Have a Plan B
  • 0:28:50 - Lesson #5: Failure Breeds Creativity
  • 0:32:28 - Lesson #4: Never Give Up
  • 0:38:21 - Lesson #3: Get Comfortable with the Unknown and Ambiguity
  • 0:41:54 - Lesson #2: Community is Everything
  • 0:46:54 - Lesson #1: Mindset is Everything
  • 0:50:25 - ICONIC Points

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