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Talent is critical to every successful company, but hiring at the executive level comes with many challenges and variables. Roy Notowitz and his team at Noto Group have spent the last decade helping build iconic consumer brands, one hire at a time. Now, Roy is sitting down with some of the world’s most inspiring leaders to dig into the complexities of assembling exceptional teams. Whether you’re interested in hiring strategy, leadership assessment, or industry trends, you’ll want to tune into How I Hire for the best executive recruiting advice and insights.

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Introducing: How I Hire
Sep 16 2019
2 mins
Founder Transitions: Mitigating Risk and Maximizing Value with Dr. Stacey Philpot and Dr. Ted Freeman
Hiring a new CEO is a high stakes event, especially when a founder is involved. Roy sits down with Organizational Psychologists Dr. Stacey Philpot and Dr. Ted Freeman to discuss what it takes to successfully navigate these founder transitions. The three walk through each step involved. They share their insights into the challenges and opportunities at play and the unique partnership between a new CEO and founder.Ted and Stacey have been partnering with Noto Group on these kinds of complex and mission critical VP and C-Level hires for the last few years. Ted has extensive experience as an organization development consultant and executive. He previously served as Culture Officer at EILEEN FISHER, INC and couples this expertise with more than a decade of consulting experience in the areas of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and executive coaching. Stacey brings over 20 years of experience as an organizational consultant to her role as Managing Partner at Executive Development Consulting. She’s advised Fortune 500 companies and CEOs on how to use leadership development to accelerate growth and increase their competitive advantage. Both will be back in the future to dig further into leadership integration.Highlights from our conversation include:Why founder transitions happen (3:16)The importance of having a plan in these high risk events (4:00)The kind of support available to organizations (5:33)The distinct partnership between a CEO and founder (7:33)What experts like Ted and Stacey consider when approaching these processes (8:56)How they help companies handle bumps in the road (10:57)Helpful scenarios they’ve worked through with clients (12:30)How these transitions impact existing teams (24:51)Tools and assessments that can inform CEO selection (27:38)Visit HowIHire.com for transcripts and more on this episode.Follow Roy Notowitz and Noto Group Executive Search on LinkedIn for updates and featured career opportunities.Subscribe to How I Hire:AppleSpotifyAmazonGoogle
36 mins
Crafting a Purposeful Talent Strategy at Patagonia and Trove with Alyssa Kessler
Apr 19 2022
28 mins
Stitch Fix’s Denise Novosel on Developing Successful Talent Strategies
Denise Novosel is the VP of Recruiting for personal styling service Stitch Fix. She spends her days crafting effective talent acquisition strategies for the brand. Before joining Stitch Fix, Denise was a senior talent leader at Nike and Microsoft. She and Roy break down the elements of world class talent acquisition models, recruiting best practices, and current talent market dynamics.Highlights from our conversation include:Her path to becoming a talent acquisition leader (1:52)Key elements in an effective talent strategy (5:18)Planning for long term success in recruiting (6:18)The systems and tools that help streamline the hiring process (7:16)Offering candidates a positive experience (8:40)Comparing talent acquisition processes at Microsoft and Nike (11:01)Shifting from a leader-led model to a recruiter-led model (12:59)The benefits of being a hands-on talent acquisition leader (18:42)How Denise evaluates candidates at an executive level (19:58)Recruiting recruiters and what makes a great talent acquisition professional (21:40)How the COVID 19 pandemic has changed the talent landscape (23:33)Our friends at Big Path Capital are hosting the 5th annual MO Summit in Portland, OR on April 19th and 20th! MO Summit is one of the largest convenings of positive impact CEOs. Attendees will engage, learn, and forge a new path on critically important topics. How I Hire listeners can use code “Noto22” to register at a discounted rate: mo-summit.com/registerVisit HowIHire.com for transcripts and more on this episode.Follow Roy Notowitz and Noto Group Executive Search on LinkedIn for updates and featured career opportunities.Subscribe to How I Hire:AppleSpotifyAmazonGoogle
Mar 15 2022
31 mins
Paloma Medina on the Psychology of BiasTom Duncan, CEO, on Innovating in the Home Improvement IndustryTrue Religion’s Theresa Watts on Redefining Organizational CultureTalking Modern Leadership with Carola Frisch, Founder of Frisch SearchJan Singer, Global Consumer Retail Executive and Venture Capital AdvisorMonica Williams, NBCUniversal's SVP of Digital Products and OperationsHarvey Kanter, President and CEO of DXLG and Author of ‘Choosing to Lead’Hint Founder Kara Goldin’s Undaunted Approach to HiringHow Swift CEO Liz Valentine Builds Innovative Digital Marketing Teams
As CEO and Co-Founder of Swift, a Portland-based, client-founded creative agency, Liz Valentine leads her team in making brilliant digital work for notable brands like Google, Gatorade, PayPal, Venmo, and many others. Liz began her career at Nike and brings over twenty years of experience in digital marketing to her current role. In 2014, Swift was acquired by the global data, tech, and creative powerhouse WPP. Liz was brought on as CEO of Wunderman Thompson West and Mobile for North America in 2019. She’ll share her inclusive, values-driven approach to building creative teams. We’ll also hear her hiring advice to leaders of fast-growing startups.Highlights from our conversation include:Entrepreneurial thinking and digital innovation (2:10)Starting a creative agency (3:55)Her approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (7:56)How she looks for candidates who thrive in an agency environment (11:26)“Swiftology” and how she assesses value-alignment (14:25)Making the shift to virtual work (18:43)Culture “fit” vs. culture “add” (21:19)What changed for Liz after the WPP acquisition (22:11)Hiring differences between Swift and WT (24:02)Overseeing values-driven hiring on a large scale (26:59)The many hats a modern CMO has to wear (29:15)Marketing during an economic downturn (30:34)Visit HowIHire.com for transcripts and more on this episode.Follow Roy Notowitz and Noto Group Executive Search on LinkedIn for updates and featured career opportunities.Subscribe to How I Hire:AppleSpotifyAmazonGoogle
Apr 27 2021
35 mins
DEI Expert Serilda Summers-McGee's Modern Approach to HR
Originally released June, 2020. Before starting Workplace Change, Serilda was the Chief Human Resources Officer for the City of Portland, and has worked with clients like Wieden + Kennedy, the Portland Trail Blazers, Kaiser Permanente, the Oregon Department of Education, and many others. She believes in fostering cultures that accept people for who they are and empower them to thrive. Her book, Change the WorkGame: Building and Sustaining a Diverse Workforce, goes into depth about how to accomplish this and more.Highlights from our conversation include:Serilda’s approach to working with clients (2:46)Defining diversity, equity, inclusion, and transparency (4:46)Why many hiring managers fail to find and hire diverse candidates (7:46)The various biases that come up in the workplace (8:44)How sexism, racism, classism, and elitism play into hiring decisions (12:26)What it means to be ready for workplace change (13:36)How to be more successful in recruiting and retaining diverse talent (17:48)The importance of asking why you want more diversity in your organization (20:42)Why you should start by diversifying your network (23:40)What an inclusive selection process looks like (24:46)How to create a more inclusive culture (28:43)What role human resources should play (33:12)Why change requires leadership to act (34:12)Serilda’s strategy for hiring (34:51)Her predictions about the future of work (37:14)Visit HowIHire.com for transcripts and more on this episode.Follow Roy Notowitz and Noto Group Executive Search on LinkedIn for updates and featured career opportunities.Follow How I Hire:AppleSpotifyAmazonGoogle
Apr 6 2021
43 mins
Kevin Rutherford, CEO of Nuun HydrationWendy Collie on Hiring and Empowering Teams at Starbucks and New Seasons MarketDr. Charles Handler, Talent Assessment Expert and Founder of Rocket-HireSpecial: Key Hiring Advice for 2021 and BeyondGene McCarthy, Founder and CEO of Top League AdvisoryAimée Lapic, GoPro's Chief Digital and Marketing OfficerTrip Randall on Hiring and Shaping Team Culture at Nike
Oct 29 2020
42 mins