AB Replay: Got Flax Mylk? with Brittany Fuisz - Founder and CEO of Malibu Mylk

All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Mar 29 2022 • 26 mins

Wrapping up Women's History month, we go back to the archives for our conversation earlier this year with Brittany Fuisz the founder and CEO of Malibu Mylk. A small, tasty change can make a huge difference in your health. It's not only a mantra for today's guest -- Brittany Fuisz used it as the foundation of her business, Malibu Mylk. Brittany wanted to get pregnant and wasn't having any luck. After her doctor recommended an elimination diet, she began researching the ingredients of popular milk alternatives. Not only did she find out they weren't healthy but discovered the damage nut and oat milks were doing to the environment. Brittany leaned on her culinary degree and got to work. Her research led her to flax seed. During the conversation, Brittany told Jeffrey how the company started, why flax, and how pivoting during the pandemic inspired a new product line. Brittany calls Malibu Mylk's new drinks "the number one way to go number two." If you're intrigued, listen to this episode of "All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett." Order Malibu Mylk and use the code ALLBUSINESS at checkout for 20% off: https://malibumylk.com/ Join the C-Suite Network: https://c-suitenetwork.com/executive-membership Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices