The Florida Madcaps

Sunshine State Seekers and the Florida Excursionist

A podcast about Florida’s conservation and recreation. There is much more to Florida than theme parks and overcrowded beaches. Three veteran Florida enthusiasts Chris, Chelsea, and Ryan share their travel experiences and perspective for exploring the Sunshine State.  Each episode will delve into the natural and fascinating aspects of  Florida, including the trails, springs, history, and the ecological issues facing its conversation.

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Interview:  Talking about what makes Florida great with Cathy Salustri.
Sep 13 2023
Interview: Talking about what makes Florida great with Cathy Salustri.
Cathy Salustri earned her master’s degree in Florida Studies from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, which, to those who know her, is no great surprise, given her intense passion for all things Florida. Her first book, Backroads of Paradise (UPF, 2016), chronicles Cathy’s more-than-5,000 mile-road trip along Florida’s backroads as she sought forgotten and under-appreciated Florida. Not content to see Florida from a car, she also boats, sails, kayaks, paddleboards, hikes, and bikes the Sunshine State. Cathy writes and speaks (she calls it Florida-splaining) about Florida for a living from her home in Gulfport, Florida, which she shares with her hound dogs, cats, her husband Barry, and more than a few brown anoles who valiantly protect her houseplants from danger. Cathy, Barry, and the dogs leave the cats and anoles to their own devices as they explore Florida in their travel trailer. Contact her at  follow her on Instagram (, Threads (, LinkedIn (, or X ( as @cathysalustri; or on Facebook ( @salustricathy. You can read more of her travels and thoughts about why Florida’s better than any other state ( listen to her weekly podcast celebrating all things Florida, The Florida Spectacular.Please subscribe! Shares and reviews are much appreciated!Get your FREE sticker from the Florida Springs Council at and comments can be emailed at thefloridamadcaps@gmail.comRyan can be found on Instagram at: the_fl_excursionistChris and Chelsey can be found at