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Florida's Springs Through the Lens of a Conservation Photographer
Feb 15 2023
Florida's Springs Through the Lens of a Conservation Photographer
On this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Linda Wilinski who is an avid conservation photographer.  Linda Wilinski is a conservation photographer with focus on freshwater springs.She is a certified Florida Master Naturalist, attended Crealde’ School of Art and has won several prices along with exhibiting her photography throughout Florida.Wilinski uses her art to tell stories of Florida’s incredible wildlife and advocate for its protection. Living on the Rainbow River has enabled her to spend most of her free time kayaking, snorkeling, and educating others about the importance of Florida’s springs. Her vision is to re-connect people with the outdoors, to bring awareness of Florida’s beauty as well as shedding light onto its hardships. The purpose of her art is to encourage conservation. Linda has formed a special bond with some of the local wildlife and is also known as “the otter whisperer”. She volunteers as a board member of Rainbow River Conservation, is part of the Florida Springs Council Communication Advisory Board and donates to non-profit organizations on a regular basis. www.lindawphotography.comSocial Media: @lindawphotography  Please subscribe! Shares and reviews are much appreciated!Get your FREE sticker from the Florida Springs Council at and comments can be emailed at thefloridamadcaps@gmail.comRyan can be found on Instagram at: the_florida_excursionistChris and Chelsey can be found at