452 - You Must Measure Momentum

Momentum for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT)

Mar 13 2019 • 11 mins

I've tried to record this podcast multiple times over the past few months.  It's been a hard episode to record because it's tough to share pain and be vulnerable.

A few years back I was doing so much. I was speaking at events and connecting with entrepreneurs, but not actually receiving results.  I was confusing the activities I was doing and the attention I was receiving with momentum. I was feeling productive but I wasn't really being productive or getting measurable results.  I woke up one morning and realized that I needed to start applying my own content and measure if I was actually making an impact.

If you want to be in momentum you need three things. You need to have a clear outcome, clear accountability and a scoreboard that matters.

If you're in that place right now where you're confused and frustrated because you're doing the activities, you're doing all the things you feel like you should be doing but you're not getting into momentum, you are not alone.

You need to figure out where you're going and get a scoreboard in place as soon as possible.

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