"Headaches After a Stroke" - How to Know If It Could Be Another Stroke

"Life After Stroke"

May 4 2019 • 1 hr 4 mins

So if you are a stroke survivor, then you may have experienced headaches that are more painful, and more frequent, than you did before your stroke. And since headaches can be a warning sign that another stroke could be happening, how do you know when your post-stroke headache is an emergency vs. when it is not? "How do you know when it's time to go" to the ER to get it checked out?

This week on "Life After Stroke with Christopher Ewing", Christopher chats with Dr. Robert Darflinger, a neurointerventional surgeon who specializes in stroke.

Topics covered in this episode include:
- Why do some stroke survivors have headaches more often, and more painful, than before their stroke?

- How long do stroke survivors experience headaches post-stroke?

- Do TIA’s occur prior to hemorrhagic strokes or just ischemic strokes?

- Why do TIA’s subside?

- What is an occluded artery?

- What happens if a carotid artery is completely blocked?

- What is the Circle of Willis?

- What is a TCD?

And much, much more!  Plus, in a new segment we call "Care For Caregivers with Kathi Koll", author and caregiver Kathi Koll speaks on the topic of what to do if you find yourself being suddenly thrust into the new role of "caregiver" for your loved one.

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