"The Facts on Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Recovery"

"Life After Stroke"

Jul 13 2019 • 1 hr 1 min

In this very important episode of "Life After Stroke with Christopher Ewing", Christopher speaks with Dr. Jason Hinman, Assistant Professor of Neurology in the Stroke and Neuro-rehabilitation Divisions at the UCLA Stroke Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Topics covered in this episode include:

- Does stem therapy work in stroke survivors?

- How is stem cell therapy performed in the body?

- Is stem cell therapy safe?

- Are there any particular stroke deficits that stem cell therapy will not work on?

- Stroke survivors and the increased possibility of dementia?

- What type of clinical trials are taking place that are centered around stem cell therapy?

- How can I volunteer to be a part of a clinical trial?

- Are the clinics that currently advertise stem cell therapy for stroke safe?and more!

Contact Info: Dr. Jason Hinman

Clinical trial information at UCLA:

Clinical trial information across the US:

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