The fckry with Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus

Earwolf & Leslie Jones, Lenny Marcus

Keeping it 100 is Leslie Jones’ mission and any fckry will not be tolerated. Each week Leslie and her co-host, Lenny Marcus, expose the fckry of any given topic and they have a fun time doing it. They interview special guests and answer listener questions. Plus, in the ‘fckry of the week’ segment, Leslie and Lenny call out people, places, things or situations. Nothing is off limits and you don’t want to miss it. read less

Our Editor's Take

The fckry with Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus is a podcast about keeping it real. This podcast gives hosts Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus full autonomy. They are both uproarious comedians. They're not afraid of voicing opinions and thought-provoking perspectives. The fckry is all about calling out the ridiculous things that happen every day. Whether it's a place, person, historical event, or something in pop culture, if it's absurd, they will say so.

Audiences can expect this podcast to take a direct approach. The hosts will say what they want when they want—keeping it real the whole time. Topics are unpredictable, but there are a few recurring segments. Jones and Marcus walk listeners through the "fckry of the week" in every episode. It's their current-events segment They look at what happened, why, and what's wrong about it.

Another recurring segment is What the Fck Do Ya'll Want? In this segment, listeners can leave voicemails with questions for Marcus and Jones. Then, the hosts will answer them during the podcasts. The results are hilarious and quippy.

Sometimes the podcast is just a chat between Jones and Marcus. During these episodes, the two update each other on their lives and tell funny stories. They often talk about what they call "the daily fckery" they endure.

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