The Mental Game | A Conversation with Alexis Belton

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Sep 11 2023 • 24 mins

The Mental Game | A Conversation with Alexis Belton

🎧  About the Episode:
Alexis Belton is a Professional Athlete, Media Personality, and Golf Innovator.
Alexis's journey to golf is a unique story. She has played professionally for over 6 years on the LPGA Epson Tour, Australian Ladies Tour as well as sanctioned European Ladies Tour Events.
She also took her strength on the course as a long hitter to the big stage by becoming a Professional Long Driver. She ended her career as #1 American and #3 in the World.
As she is transitioning career, you can follow Alexis on many different
media platforms and tune in to her commentating for World Long Drive Tour and other golf organizations.
Her heart and purpose are serving the community, education, and innovation. She does
this in many ways, including her charitable program, Belton Drive Foundation, which exists to use the language of Sport and Golf to help drive change, build bridges, grow communities, and provide opportunity for the next generation through sport.  Please remember to like, share, and leave a comment below to support Alexis and her impactful work.

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The Belton Drive Foundation

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