Breaking Barriers with Josie Keck: Part 2

Nerds On Tap

Mar 8 2024 • 1 hr 13 mins

On this special International Women's Day episode, we are honored to have Josie Keck join us from Open Text. Josie doesn't just bring her expertise in tech; she brings stories that resonate with the heart of every listener. Our conversation today weaves through the vibrant threads of diversity and inclusion in the tech world, stories of passion-fueled advancement, and the absolute necessity for empathetic leadership. It's a chat that transcends the binary codes and pixels, making space for the human connection that's essential in our digital communication era. Josie's relationship with her boss Jen Dario exemplifies the profound impact of emotional intelligence in driving tech teams forward.

Today, we also celebrate the Lean In movement's influence on women's empowerment in tech, reveling in the unique strengths that come from partnership dynamics, particularly those of husband and wife teams. Join us for a discourse on the nurturing roles women have honed within the industry, such as Kathleen's in Digital Boardwalk, and how these roles integrate seamlessly with family life and community support networks—think Marie Weeds and her "Women in Technology" podcast. It's a refreshing take on the symbiosis of personal growth and professional success, especially poignant on this International Women's Day.

We also take a moment to challenge the status quo of cybersecurity and technology sales, shining a light on the empowering journeys of women breaking into these traditionally male-dominated fields. We don't just talk shop about email encryption, cloud backup, and the evolving landscape of cybersecurity training; we celebrate the stories of tenacity and curiosity that enable success in this high-stakes arena. The episode culminates with a look at AI's role in the future of tech, the unwavering need for multifactor authentication, and the universal vulnerability to cyber threats. Through Josie's lens, technology isn't just a tool—it's a frontier for change, innovation, and inclusion, especially as we reflect on the contributions of women in the industry on this International Women's Day.

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