Tech Trails and Gator Tales with Jeff Deren

Nerds On Tap

Sep 25 2023 • 1 hr 28 mins

Join us as we dive into the adventures of Jeff Deren: an Iowa native turned global traveler and ad tech guru. From captivating tales of his journeys across continents to the intricate world of online advertising with Assertive Yield, Jeff promises a whirlwind of insights and anecdotes. As we journey from the heart of ad tech intricacies to adrenaline-packed gator hunts in Florida and reflections on tech's evolution, prepare for a riveting and enlightening session with a true renaissance man. Cheers to tales, tech, and travels with Jeff on Nerds on Tap!

Check out Jeff's close encounter with a gator here!

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Smarter Web

Special Guest:
Jeff Deren, SVP of Sales - North America, Assertive Yield

Beers in Order of Appearance:

  1. Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale
  2. Thin Man Brewery Pills Mafia
  3. Dog Fish SeaQuench Ale
  4. Victory Beer Golden Monkey


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